Client Testimonials

I am so happy to have Betty in my life with her wisdom and guidance.  I hope that you, Betty, continue to meet with us and help us through this journey.
-Hilary Williams

Thank you Betty for your leadership and dedication! We are blessed to have you as our nutrition coach!
-Kathy Reynolds

I am so appreciative that I have had the opportunity to practice yoga under your guidance during the past year.  I am comfortable taking minimal risks like this as you are always conscientious in the manner you lead us through each movement, strengthening our bodies, yet always attentive to keeping everyone safe.  I have begun some classes with minimal discomfort, but always leave feeling better. Thank you, Betty.
-Diana Brown

“Betty I have cured my back pain with Betty’s yoga instruction. She continues to help me, as she is a great, gentle teacher, and her explanation with the various poses has stuck with me because of it.”
-Emily Cupit

Betty has been a great insperiation to us.  Bill and I had just finished watching the DVD Forks over Knives. It was an awakening video.  Very informative.  Thank you for loaning it to us.  Also, I wrote a note to Dr. Gigante thanking him for introducing us to you and your nutrition program.  We learned a whole lot.  Thank you again.  We are shopping and eating healthy now!” 
– Anne McGrath

Betty  is an excellent practitioner who has strong inter-personal skills and the ability to engage clients with whom she works.”
–  Janet Drozdowski

Betty  is an inspiring counselor. We were referred to her by our primary care physician and have each lost 20-30 pounds. She keeps us motivated and positive. Her style and charisma bring out our best!”
– Gil and Marriett Campbell

Betty’s  thoughtful and positive approach to respecting out bodies, and ourselves, as we age, is invaluable.”
– Frances Umlauf

Betty  truly allows every client to enjoy yoga no matter what age or physical attributes they may bring to class.  She has shared not only a positive way to improve ones physical self through yoga but also with nutritious cooking classes.”
– Helen Ryan

Betty is not only versed in Yoga.  She has extensive knowledge and has earned certificates in modern and marcobiotics nutirition. Methods of cooking. detoxification applications.”
– Joyce Herkner

Betty excels at tailoring workouts to suit the wide range of abilities of students within each class.”
– Carol Buchman

To think a year ago i couldn’t hold a “plank” for two seconds, and now i can hold it till you say stop.
– Carol Akers