Our Federal Drug Administration

Our tax dollars NOT at work. The FDA does not require a single safety study on GMO’s. This became policy in 1992, overseen by Michael Taylor who was formerly Monsanto’s attorney. He was actually assigned a new position, designed specifically for him, by the FDA, when the agency was ordered by the White House to promote GMO’s.

Taylor’s policy falsely claimed that the agency wasn’t aware of any information indicating that GMO’s were significantly different from “normal” food; therefore, no testing or labeling was necessary. This left companies like Monsanto to determine on their own whether their GMO’s were safe. Monsanto had previously told us that Agent Orange, PCB’s and DDT’s were safe and got that wrong.

Taylor then became Monsanto’s vice president and chief lobbyist, and now he’s back at the FDA as the U.S. food safety czar.

There is documented proof where claims in the policy, stated they were not aware of any information showing that GMO’s were any different, was a total fabrication.

A lawsuit forced 44,000 secret FDA memos into the public domain and it showed an overwhelming consensus of the scientists, who worked with the FDA, was the exact opposite. They said GMO’s might create allergens, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. They urged their superiors to require testing and complained about the drafts of the policy. Their concerns were ignored or denied.

GRAS…Generally Regarded As Safe

Genetically modified foods were put on the market, with no testing and designated as GRAS.


Our taxes subsidize agribusiness, these poisonous crops are grown, Americans get sick, and we PAY AGAIN with healthcare costs skyrocketing.

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